With Pune city becoming a concrete jungle, new age residents are looking westwards with hopeful eyes. It's greener environs offering them much needed respite from the chaos of the cities. Surrounded on the all sides by nature's beauty; snuggled within the hills that Pune is famous for, the homes are cocoon of unforgettable serenity.
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The Western corridor is the industrial lifeline of Pune. With its development, Pune has rapidly evolved as a major power zone and business hub. This has led to an industrial boom and the city boundaries on the Western side are expending at an impressive rate with upcoming and supporting Residential Developments. Also close proximity to the Pune - Mumbai expressway, adjacent to the auto - manufacturing belt coupled with the affordability of land and scope for development has made it the preferred destination for Residential and Commercial development.

VIVA Hillside Homes are close from Pune city center and happening district of Hinjewadi. This makes it a prime piece of property and desirability.

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